Friday, March 2, 2007

Smart City

Columbia Cafe
One of the highlight's of RRBJ's Friday night is the radio program Smart City. It's on at 9 PM on KDAQ. One segment of tonight's show has host Carol Coletta talking with Scott Russell Sanders about challenging the "brand and bland" direction of our communities and urges us to re-discover what makes each one special.

On a related note, have you taken the survey to help the Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau craft a marketing brand for our area? Click here to do it. What does RRBJ think makes SB Land special? We got a long list but since it's the weekend we'll bump Rock and Roll to the top. If it wasn't for Shreveport Bossier that genre would've never been born. We birthed Huddie Ledbetter and gave Elvis his legs.

By the way, Red River Radio is conducting their spring membership campaign. Trudeau has the scoop.

About the photo: a night shot of the water fountain at Columbia Cafe in the truly authentic neighborhood of Highland.

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