Thursday, June 28, 2007

Herby K's -- We Bet Southeast Shreveport Wished They Had One

Herby K's sign on enclosed patio Baby Shrimp Buster -- taken by Katee Fontane The Tin Roof Over Herby K's Patio -- taken by Katee Fontane
The Times keeps asking folks "what do you love about north Bossier City and southeast Shreveport?"
RRBJ doesn't have to answer that question since we spend most of our time in the Highland and downtown area.

We like our hood because of the lack of suburban sprawl and because it's walkable. Can't imagine strolling around Youree and 70th. We also like our neighborhood restaurants like George's Grill, Columbia Cafe, Julie Anne's... the list of unique eateries goes on.

One of our current favs is Herby K's at 1833 Pierre Avenue. Saturday we had lunch (including tip) for two for just one Andrew Jackson. Folks have been eating there since 1936. The place is on the small side but the wait is worth it.

Thank you Katee Fontane for the use of your Coke and Baby Shrimp Buster photos.


Katee Blayne said...

You're welcome, Mama. <3

Graham said...

I'm not sure "on the small side" covers it. Clark Kent tried to change into his Superman suit there once, but didn't have enough room.

Kathryn Usher said...

Graham -- Thanks for stopping by...Sometimes I hate how small the place is -- I never get there in time to snag a booth. It's always patio dining for me.

I'm not sure about the guys bathroom but the girls bathroom is very tiny -- Clark Kent would have to lie down to change in there.

Anonymous said...

I love this place, the only thing I would change would be the amount of times it has been robbed, but how can you not have Murrell's in here, the best after bar, drunk eating stop in Shreveport.

Anonymous said...

>:(....I walked into your establishment with a positive vibe..(it's in the hood and SMALL but i liked the environment). So I sat down and decided to look at your menu. The first thing I noticed is that it is WAY over priced. For being in the location you guys are in, you would think that you would want to entice people to come to your restaurant not just for the food...but with the (at LEAST comparable) pricing. It has been a while since I have seen Po-Boys priced at your level! (being at lunch) I decided that I would go for the more reasonably priced "baby shrimp buster" since that it what Herby K's is "famous for".

Normally for $7.95 a person can at least get somewhat decently sized meal
(in this part of the country)...but this meal did not even scratch the surface of my hunger....two flattened out pieces of SHRIMP on two pieces of BREAD...with some rice and a little cole slaw?!....haha...(pitiful for the price) seemed to me like you price your food according to the "reputation" of this PITIFUL "shrimp buster"

In a nutshell. I left aggravated at the menu pricing and the amount of food I got...ON TOP OF IT ALL, today (04-02-09) ....I SEE YOU OVERCHARGED MY CREDIT CARD!.... I will return the favor and re-post THIS message about your store on every site I come across that is in reference to your establishment.

Aggravated Customer

Katee Blayne said...

Lololololololol omg omg. Aggravated customer ftw! Congratulations at failing the internets. I would say go play with the other trolls, but sadly, I think you're serious. :(