Thursday, November 30, 2006

Happy Cold

A lucky office worker in downtown Shreveport left evidence of being tucked away from the wintry blast.

Smiley Face on Window

The first widespread winter storm of the season moves through the nation. Snow heads to Chicago. Along the Red River the front brought rain and a temperature drop of 20 degrees in one hour.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Where is Jessica Simpson?

Two things to look for when scouting for stars in Hollywood South:

Parking for the Stars

Parking spaces will be hard to find in downtown Shreveport for the coming days.

When you see this you know you're really close!

Food for the Stars

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Shreveport = New York?

It's day one of filming in Shreveport for cast and crew of Blonde Ambition.

The script is set in New York. How do you make the City on the Red look like the Big Apple? See for yourself by clicking on slides 11 and 12 at StageWorks of Louisiana.

In what other ways do we resemble Gotham?

New York -- Alligators in the sewers.
Shreveport -- Alligators everywhere.

New York -- Subway Trains
Shreveport -- SporTran runs at night.

New York -- New York Philharmonic the oldest symphony orchestra in the United States
Shreveport -- Shreveport Symphony Orchestra Louisiana's oldest continually operating professional orchestra. Your next chance to hear SSO? They perform The Nutcracker with the Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet December 8. Then the following weekend it's their annual Holiday Pops concert.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Good Grief

Rockets Over the Red 06

Shreveport Bossier's home to America's largest neon-lit bridge, although those tubes were flicked off Saturday night so fireworks from Pyrotechnico could illuminate the sky.

The 20-minute show is Louisiana's largest fireworks festival. It kicked off the Holiday Trail of Lights. For 14 years this partnership between two states and six cities has happened.

Up for something different this year? Head north and try the Arkansas Trail of Holiday Lights.

Don't feel like driving? At least set the DVR to catch A Charlie Brown Christmas tomorrow night on KTBS.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Shopping Fog

For the first time ever RRBJ ventured out to join the masses on Black Friday. We were in search of a 4' pre-lit pink feather Christmas tree we'd spotted at Michael's.

Black Friday Fog Michaels

Perhaps it was the glob of fog clinging to everything like congealed turkey gravy that made the morning less crazed. At first it seemed as though we were the only ones at 6 a.m. driving on Youree but then we spotted row after row of cars filling the Target parking lot.

Didn't get out today? You have 31 shopping days this year since Thanksgiving came early.

We didn't get the tree. Instead we settled for a 4' pre-lit silver foil tree purchased at Big!Lots. That plus some shaving cream brought our total to $20.40.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Cap'n Shreve Says Have a Good Holiday...

Captain Shreve

...or he'll make you walk the plank.

While Henry Miller Shreve didn't come over on the Mayflower, he did build a ship that allowed the westward expansion of America possible... and also cleared up that log jam and made the Red River navigable.

While we're blogging about Shreveport history, this Sunday at Barnes and Noble in Shreveport Gary Joiner will be signing copies of his latest book, Through the Howling Wilderness. Get your copy November 26 from 2-4. While you're there have a Grande Peppermint Mocha, Pilgrim.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thankful for Peachez

RRBJ is grateful to live in an area with a thriving music community.

It's not enough to remind ourselves this is where Elvis got his start. A thriving music scene means new artists are working for their big break. The perfect gift for your musical genius is a membership to Tipitina's in downtown Shreveport.

Our new favorite is Ms Peachez. She's from Shreveport. It looks like she has a blast making silly songs for children. Play this video and make sure to buy her CD when it comes out..."You hear me?!"

Monday, November 20, 2006

Time to Salivate and Feast

Tables will be decorated in autumnal colors this week. Monday afternoon at Kroger's on Youree RRBJ caught Sharon Anderson doing some Thanksgiving shopping.
Sharon Anderson shops for Thanksgiving at Kroger

The latest U.S. Census Bureau figures say the cost per pound of frozen whole turkey as of December 2005 was $1.07.

Of course cooking your own meal is rather old fashioned. You could modern it up and try Luby's. It's a regionalish cafeteria that started in Texas. But if you really want to be in the digital age this Thanksgiving sip on a Turkey and Gravy soda followed with a little Key Lime Pie. Both are from the folks at Jones Soda.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Trash Day: Red

Trash Day Red Sign

Trash Day Red Board

Trash Day Red Headboard

What would Dr. William Rathje think about what Shreveporters throw away? Quick, somebody nominate us for his Garbology Project at the University of Arizona. By the way, most weeks the trash is picked up on Mondays in Highland.