Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Meet Artist Debbie Buchanan Engle this Saturday at 1:00

Highland Artist Debbie Buchanan Engle Promises No Naughty Bits Will be Peeking Through at the Opening of Her Art Show, Mercy, at Karpeles
The opening reception for Debbie Buchanan Engle's show Mercy is this Saturday at Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum, 3201 Centenary Boulevard, from 1:00 - 3:00. The opening is mentioned on this page at The Shreveport Times along with Su Stella's jewelry making workshop Saturday at The Barnwell Center.

P.S. We Googled Debbie Buchanan Engle, Artist, Shreveport and got these hits: She's on the ShreveportBossierfunguide. We rediscovered this video of her. We'd forgotten we made it earlier this year. There are even pics of her work from a Gender Studies Conference at Centenary College back in 06.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

South Highlands Walk

Longleaf's a Road in the City October Falls to the Ground Scarlet Leaved Tree Wish I Knew Your Name Home of the Happy Dog Before Spiders Fall Out of Trees Waving Thin Crotchety Legs to Work Down Tire Swing Chains

Longleaf Forest Song

October falls to the ground
Red is a leaf is a dress
Flimsy. Cheap. Tight.
Wear ‘til someone tears it off
On Halloween costume backless
But tonight modest leather Birkenstocks

The forest primeval?
Longleaf’s a road in the city
Home of the happy dog
It is the click of the clip on leash

Scarlet leaved tree wish I knew your name
This far South most turn brown or not at all
Sun muscles out one blazing farewell
Time to circle back to the gold van
Before spiders fall out of trees
Waving thin crotchety legs
To work down tire swing chains

Kathryn Usher
October 28, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Centenary College's Bruce Allen to Perform Live

Bruce Allen to Perform Art at Shreveport's Fall Farmers' Market
If the idea of locally grown produce isn't enough to make you load up the station wagon and head down to the Shreveport Fall Farmers' Market Saturday morning how about some performance art ( with us we're getting our creative on...)? Who needs Martha Stewart when you've got Bruce Allen to show you how to slice and dice your jack-o-lantern? Allen chairs the art department at Centenary College.

You can make your entire Saturday about fair trade and sustainability if you shop the fall market and then swing by the The Greater Gift Market in Highland.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Katfish 4 Kids

Josephine Carmody's "Mufasa" Katfish 4 Kids
Mufasa by Josephine Carmody. Spotted near the fountain at Columbia Cafe in Highland. Part of the Volunteers for Youth Justice Katfish 4 Kids project.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tasty Local

Pan's Pantry
Fall markets are popping up all over America. Chicago. Austin. Portland. Consumer trends show an increasing demand for fresh locally grown food and hand crafted items.

Shreveport's version opens Saturday at the Festival Plaza in downtown. Up to 60 vendors will be on hand every Saturday from October 18 through November 22 from 8:30 a.m. until noon.

Have you friended the Shreveport Farmers' Market on MySpace yet?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Get Shooting

SB Magazine Amateur Photographers Contest
SB Magazine wants your photos for their annual photo issue. Send only your best work by October 31.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Eric Brock and Neil Johnson

Highland Fairfield
Noma gave us the heads up on the smashing article in the Fall 2008 issue of the Louisiana Cultural Vistas Magazine. We were whining because there's never enough about SB Land in there.

Historian Eric Brock covers the Highland-Fairfield area with words and Neil Johnson fills in the visuals. If you click on the above link you go to a web version of the magazine. Eric's story starts on page 24. A yearly subscription to the printed version is only $16.

Speaking of Highland... have you read the Highland Restoration Association blog lately? It's a good place to find out what's happening in the best place to live in SB Land.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Picture of the Day

Katie Jo and Courtney
Originally uploaded by cka51966.
Thank you to Cindy Pierce for capturing the annual autumn rite of homecoming in SB Land and letting us use it as our Picture of the Day.

Send us your best work so we can publish your take on life on the Red River.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Oxford American

Oxford American Issue 62
Who doesn't love this magazine? And who's in charge of publishing the SB Land version of it? Imagine lush photo essays in The Forum and SB. And we don't mean snapshots of society folks. And we're not big fans of some of the content folks are generating for The Shreveport Times website. We want pictures of pie, decay, architecture, culture... we want the essence of this place. Hey, isn't that what Trudeau does? Spend your advertising dollars with him...

It's not too much to ask for good photos. Life magazine set the standard for high quality shots to tell the story way back in the 1930s. If you're a publication, web or print, do us a favor and don't publish rubbish. If you're a photographer, pro or amateur, do us a favor and don't put your garbage out there. One well composed photo is worth... lots of rotten photos are worth crap...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Scribble This

Make Levees, Not War
Big culture comes to town this weekend with the annual arrival of The Red River Revel. How scary is it to be an artist-vendor selling your work while folks walk by shouting out critiques?

Why not just offer the lookers a marker and let them just scrabble all over your work? That's what Bette Kauffman's done with her Waterline interactive photo exhibit in artspace. It hangs until October 18.

P.S. We confess. We're the ones who tagged "700 Billion Dollar Bailout Socialism Works in America For the Rich Not For the Middle Class or the Poor or New Orleans Save U.S.!!"