Monday, July 30, 2007

No Spoilers Here -- Photos and Guest Column by Katee Fontane

Katee Fontane /photo by Katee Fontane Megan Foster and Cazes Verbois /photo by Katee Fontane Paige Franz /photo by Katee Fontane Patrick Kraemer and Sara Corzine /photo by Katee Fontane

When I was 13 years old and in the eighth grade, a book series was starting to take over the world. I wasn’t all that interested in it at first, to be quite honest, but when my best friend Sara told me I would love them, curiosity got the best of me. I checked out the first one from the library, and I never set it back down.

Seven years later, I found myself in Barnes & Noble at midnight on July 21, near tears as I realized that my childhood was coming to an official end. The people I love most in this world were gathered around me, all of us dressed up as different characters from the series, Sara and I with matching pink hair and shirts that said “The Weird Sisters”. Besides us, our group consisted of a Marauders-era Sirius Black, Cho Chang, a Slytherin, a Ravenclaw, two Gryffindors, Ginny Weasley, and two Harry Potters.

We all agreed that we wouldn’t stand around after we got it, for fear of people yelling out spoilers. My friend Megan and I ran through the parking lot yelling ourselves hoarse, determined to drown out any spoilers that might reach our ears. Two guys came running out of Kroger next door with their books and joined us in our screaming. Later, when we got home, I opened my book to the inside cover, and found these fifteen words: “We now present the seventh and final installment in the epic tale of Harry Potter.” It was then that I realized I was the happiest and most euphoric I have ever been in all 19 years of existence.

Thank you, JK Rowling. Thank you for writing this book, for getting me through seven awkward, painful years of adolescence, for enchanting me with your words, and for helping me discover my own passion for writing. Thank you for this story of sacrifice, of hope, of pain, and, most of all, love. You are my idol, my hero, and my role model. Harry Potter will always be my first love, and your words will always be my first source of inspiration.

Editor's Note: For more about Rowling click here (but be warned this click may lead you to spoilers).

Monday, July 23, 2007

Dress Up

I Ain't Caught Nothing Yet
Just six months until the January 26, 2008 Krewe of Centaur Parade! What is your costume for the upcoming Mardi Gras season? If you haven't started making yours, get cracking! Think fun, vibrant, sarcastic, sassy and party time!

The Krewe of Gemini Parade is February 2. For other important dates click here. For pictures of Shreveport Mardi Gras fun go here.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Picture of the Day

Think life in Big D must be more exciting than life in SB Land? Not hardly when you realize most Texans come to SB Land to play.

Plenty happening here this weekend and leave it to Trudeau to know all about it... Buddy Flett's part of the Thursday Night Trolley Tours.

On Friday there's three meaty choices... a new movie by local movie makers debuts at LSUS Theater... Author-artist Neil Johnson gives insight on his work at the Bossier Arts Council... and the current hot venue Big D's BBQ at the corner of Caddo and Common Streets will have live music by a band that was a part of the hotness that is SXSW.

About all the action being in SB Land -- Darrell Rebouche tells that story in the comments section of this post at his Daddy D's Story Time blog.

Thank you to Mike Henley at slivermeteors for the use of his Shreveport shot.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Auguste LeBlanc and Katee Fontane
In his book Walter Benjamin at the Dairy Queen, Larry McMurtry ponders the state of storytelling. If you've been pondering the state of storytelling (and its cousin -- story listening) in SB Land, this last week of Harry Potter fun proves all is well.
Watching the young folks dress up Sara Corzine, Megan Foster and Katee Fontane at Tinseltown to see the latest Harry Potter movie has been heart warming. The future of the world is good!

Cosplay continues this week with the arrival of the last book in the series Friday at midnight. Even that old community story spinner, The Times, got in on the act with a contest. Barnes and Noble will host a magical party Friday night.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Curse of Frankenstein

Purple Frankenstein Orange Frankenstein Yellow Frankenstein

Wheat paste Frankie just won't go away. RRBJ first spotted him in June, now he's popping up everywhere.

The latest sightings? Smoking Area Frankenstein Brookshire's parking lot on Kings Highway and across from the Hancock's Fabric Store on East Kings Hwy.

One of the best Frankenstein movies can be found on Click here for Young Frankenstein. Click here for the Young Frankenstein drinking game.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Picture of the Day

The best housing bargains in SB Land are still found in the historic Highland neighborhood. Here's a sweet deal on a 4 bedroom 2.5 bath place for $139,000. For only $54,499 you can get a 2 bedroom 1 bath.

After all, if the neighborhood's good enough for Centenary College, doesn't that seal the deal?

Thank you Joseph M. Catanese at yahcatphotos' for the use of your eye catching photo of the pink house in Highland.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Shreveport Words

2:30 PM Shreveport By Tara Schemer de la Fuente

SB Land fills the current edition of Louisiana Cultural Vistas, the quarterly publication of the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities. The front cover is a 1940 painting of the Texas Street bridge. Inside there are photos from Burch and Bill Grabill and excerpts from Joshua Clark's Louisiana in Words.

Pictured above is Tara Schemer de la Fuente's vignette of 2:30 PM on Fannin Street from page 75 of Louisiana Cultural Vistas Summer 2007.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Do New York City Cops and NBC News Crew Want Folks to Remain Hungry in Louisiana?

Here's a strange story that involves the Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana in Shreveport, New York City Cops, a news crew from NBC and an iPhone. Gothamist posted the story today.

Happy 4th!

Katee's Shot of the Flags at the Caddo Parish Courthouse

We wish The Shreveport Times website was easier to navigate. There's a really cool photo gallery of The American Flag but no way to link to it directly. Go here and scroll down until you see Community Galleries. Scroll down that and click on The American Flag. In case you can't find it we give you this cool shot of the flags on temporary display at the Caddo Parish Courthouse.

Thank you to Katee Fontane for the use of her shot of the flags around the courthouse. Taken on the Texas Street side.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


It's time for a dog park in SB Land. If it's good enough for Baton Rouge, Houston, Fort Smith and Austin, than we ought to have a couple.

RRBJ thinks a little one could go where the old volleyball net used to be set up in Columbia Park. There's always Betty Virginia but it's so over used as it is now. The duck pond on East Kings Highway might work. Click here for other major and neighborhood parks to consider.

Thank you to Karen LeCroy for use of her lovely shot of Calli at the Fountain.