Thursday, March 22, 2007

Austin Mayor Says Get Off Your A**

While Shreveport is fighting over who should manage the Municipal Auditorium, Austin has a mayor who says turn your TV off, get off your a** and go see live music.

The SXSW Music Festival 2007 just wrapped up in Austin. Over 1700 bands journeyed there for the annual festival. They even had live bands playing in reception areas of hotels. It's all a part of Austin's plan to be the Live Music Capital of the World.


Doc said...

Yeah? Well they better watch out, cause here we come! ;-)


JaneDoughnut said...

Yeah, I read on trudeau's blog about the pilot they're filming here... we may be getting our own equivalent to Austin City Limits. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Jimmy Davis Barksdale said...

Did you hear about the new ordinance the city council passed last week? The vote was pretty close, but they ultimately decided that even if your computer keyboard is located anywhere within the city limits, it is now legal to type out the word "ass" without the use of asterisks.

Kathryn Usher said...

doc -- You got that right! Did you hear Dirtfoot on Red River Radio last night. I was blown away.

Janedoughnut -- you've got to go. I think I'm gonna try for the Saturday afternoon show.

jimmy davis barksdale -- Thanks for stopping by. Is that your real name or one of those fancy on-air-radio-personality ones? Didn't get the memo on the vote. That news saddens me. I like asterisks. They are much more cartoonish than the ass with ss's. They remind me of the old Batman and Robin TV show. POW! BAM!