Monday, March 5, 2007

Downtown -- Not for Tourists?

Shreveport Corner of McNeill and Texas 71101 4 AM

come play our way: on the red river says the front page of the Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau. But does playing "our way" mean excluding downtown Shreveport? Under the visually striking photo of a night scene of the neon bridge there's a spot to click for MUST SEES. Selecting any of the categories won't give you information about downtown although the casinos and a couple of other attractions get several mentions.

Clicking gives you data on Sci-Port, casinos, R.W. Norton Art Gallery, Sci-Port (again), Stage of Stars Music Museum, American Rose Center, Louisiana Boardwalk, Shopping in Shreveport-Bossier, egads!.. there's Sci-Port (again!!), casinos (again), Riverview Park, Spirit of the Red River Cruise, Texas Street Bridge and Louisiana Boardwalk (again).

It's difficult to offer an authentic experience of life on the Red River if downtown is not included in the offerings of "play." We're sure it's just a matter of getting the pages updated so the Multicultural Center of the South, Artspace, West Edge Artists Co-Op, Tipitinas, Southern University Museum of Art at Shreveport, Municipal Auditorium, Elvis Statue, Elvis Sign, Huddie Ledbetter Statue, and Oakland Cemetery (with it's above ground tombs) can be included on a website that's checked out by most folks planning a visit to SB Land.

And while they are at it, it would be nifty cool if SBCTB included links to the attractions listed on their website.

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