Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Blah Blah The Fourm

Guess the front cover makes it clear what The Forum thinks of bloggers.

The irony is several of folks who've written for Venture Publishing Inc, the company that produces The Forum and City Life, have blogs. Darrell Rebouche is one with Daddy D's Story Time. One of their former columnists Pat Culverhouse is gathering bleaders (blog speak for those who read blogs). While columnist Lou Gehrig Burnett doesn't have a blog he does have a website.

Come on Forum join the fun! The Times has with its own posse of bloggers. Find those links on the front page of The Times. RRBJ predicts that within the year The Forum will have a better web presence than they do now. All we have to say is when that happens they can join the rest of us, the ones Time magazine calls their 2006 Peeps of the Year.

Just to show there's no hard feelings -- where does RRBJ pick up The Forum? Cheng's Garden, Brookshire's on Kings Highway (or Brookshire's on Line if we're feeling uppity).


Kevan Smith said...

I read it .. the article sucked. This town is so conservative it's pathetic. And Forum is an asshat! Can I say asshat?

There you have the reason so many other blogs weren't mentioned. Heavens forbid anyone should possibly be offended.

I love your blog, Katherine. Keep it up!

Kathryn Usher said...

Kevan -- you so sweet you people of the year you!

I didn't know asshat was a real word. I think I've only heard my daughter use that... but low and behold defines it as one who has their head up their ass and thus is wearing their ass as a hat.

It's not the article I'd write but the cover did prompt me to pick it up and ain't that what it's all about?

I'd like to hate on Karl Hasten, the gentleman who wrote the article, but the same day I wrote my post I ran into him at Tipitina's and after getting a big ol hug from Dan Garner who wants to hate on anybody?

BigAssBelle said...

some days i think that blogs are the last hope of america. there does not seem to be any way to make our voices heard, considering that most officials of government are bought and paid for mouthpieces for corporate america.

i used to think them ridiculous, then changed my mind. it's a way for folks to connect and develop a sense of community that seems to be lacking in the lives of many these days.

it's also a way to turn the wretched technology to good purpose. not solely for entertainment and mind-numbing recounting of celebrity doings, blogs can inspire and motivate and inform on all manner of things.

anyway, my new view. perhaps it will change. thanks for visiting me. i love louisiana!!