Monday, March 12, 2007

Texas Kicked Our A**

Jessica Mackey with Aubrey, Blake Adcock with Austin, and Sarah Miller with Austin
SB Land did not make the top 100 "most walkable" cities list put together by Prevention magazine. The top walking town is Madison, Wisconsin. Those Cheeseheaders have a fantastic bike trail system, with more than 30 miles of trails and 110 miles of bike lanes plus 6,000 acres of parkland. Madison adopted a walker-friendly city plan 10 years ago that requires when roads are redeveloped, they should accommodate not just cars, but bikes and pedestrians, too.

Baton Rouge was the only Louisiana city to make the list, which was based on criteria like parks per square mile, the percentage of folks who walked for exercise and how many athletic shoes were sold. Red Stick came in at 68.

Way too many Texas cities made the list: Austin 2, Plano 11, Arlington 21, Garland 48, San Antonio 50, Dallas 58, Lubbock 75, Fort Worth 78, Houston 82, El Paso 94 and Laredo 99.

What's stopping us from getting our walk on? While the Shreveport Parks and Recreation Department does a fine job of maintaining over 50 parks, a look at their website shows room for improvement when it comes to offering walking trails. Who knew East Kings Hwy Park, other wise known as the Duck Pond Park, had only a .2 mile trail? Let's loop that thing around so daddies and mommas can walk and still keep an eye on the babies. As compact as that area is an addition to the walking trail would make for a perfect healthy family outing.

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