Monday, March 19, 2007

Times Weddings and Engagements by the Numbers

Angels Kissing

The Shreveport Times seems to be letting Engagement and Wedding announcements stick around the internet for about a month. This is how the numbers break down for those published March 18:

Total Number of Weddings: 4
Total Number of Engagements: 6
Total Number of Same-Sex Weddings: 0

Number of Louisiana Tech Graduates: 3
Number of Brides Attending LSUS: 1
Number of Grooms Homeschooled: 1
Number of Brides with Law Degrees: 1
Number of Brides Still in School: 2
Number of Grooms Still in School: 1

Number of Weddings with Bride-Only Photos: 4
Number of Bald or Nearly Balding Grooms: 1
Number of Brides with Glasses: 1
Number of No-Teeth Smiles in Photos: 4
Number of Color Photos: 5

Number of Weddings held at The American Rose Center: 1
Number of Female Officiants: 1

Number of Grooms Whose Grandparents Reside in Puerto Rico: 1
Number of Grooms Whose Father is a Louisiana State Senator: 1
Number of Grooms Who Earn Money with Golf: This guy and This guy


Kevan Smith said...

I wish I could earn a living from golf.

Kathryn Usher said...

It's good to have goals.