Monday, February 5, 2007

Columbia Cafe

Columbia Cafe Highland neighborhood Shreveport, LA

Whether you've dropped by for yummy treats or just passed by Columbia Cafe it's hard to deny the improvement the eatery makes to the visual quality of the neighborhood. Crepe myrtles and an herb garden flourish on the acre where the restaurant is located. There's also a lovely piece of art that doubles as a water fountain.

Owner Matthew Linn is an urbanist who's committed to Highland. Linn would like to add alfresco dining in one corner of his lot. He needs you to sign his petition before February 14 if you support sipping a latte amongst the leafy trees and bushes.

Why should Highlanders or even Shreveporters care? Airy eating makes for a more pedestrian friendly neighborhood -- nicer on the senses than the many drive through food chains that pockmark Kings Highway. Pedestrian-oriented gathering places foster a small town feel. Owning a home in a place where folks actually walk the streets and stop to chat is much nicer than hiding in a residence that is surrounded by the zip zip world of automobiles.


JaneDoughnut said...

Wait, what? He needs a permit to put a table outside on his own property?

I thought Louisiana was all about encouraging small business. Guess not.

Noma said...

I'll make a special trip by his place just to sign the petition. He's a great help to Highland. And he's been met with very little cooperation at every turn of his business. I'll lend my support, even if it's just my signature.

Kathryn Usher said...

Thank you, ladies.

I'm assuming because there's is a Zoning Exception Variance sign at the corner of Kings and Creswell it's due to zoning issues.

I can't see any drawbacks to the idea. I'm all for tables and chairs outside for regular folks but mostly creative types to have a place to think and write.

Imagine what it would be like if there were tables in front of Artspace, Tipitina's and
the WEACo? Shreveport's Downtown West Edge would be really hopping. Benches are a start but they just don't say "settle down and write a great piece of Southern literature or music."

Kevan said...

I'm going to make a special trip to sign that petition, too.

trudeau said...

me, too

trudeau said...
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Kathryn Usher said...

Thank you, gentlemen.