Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I Lub You

Frogs in Love

Out of ideas and outta time in figuring out where to take your Valentine? If you've not made dinner reservations it might be a little difficult at this late hour to find a restaurant that has room. Don't want to buffet it? There are other places for some canoodling:

1. Einstein exhibit at the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum -- Remember geeky is sexy. What could be geekier than the notes Einstein wrote while figuring out his Theory of Relativity? For an early date since the museum closes at 4 PM but that's good because it gives you time to catch a romantic sunset (see numbers 3 and 4).

2. Play with Guns -- State of the art shooting arcade at Bass Pro Shop. Granted you'll probably have to shoo the 10 year olds out of the way but it's oh so fun! While you're there sign up for the February 22 Varmit Calling Workshop where you'll learn how to call different varmint when out hunting them.

3. Bossier sunset -- One of the better places to view the sunset is from the Louisiana Boardwalk. Sunset today 5:48 PM.

4. Shreveport sunset-- If you demand more privacy while the sun sets, try the Riverfront Park and the little plaza area. There are metal benches but take a fuzzy blanket. Nothing ruins romance like a cold hiney.

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Anonymous said...

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