Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Slot Machines Make Ya Fat

Las Vegas is the fattest city so says Men's Fitness magazine.

Sin City can thank the large number of fast-food restaurants -- more than any other city on the survey (except Cleveland). Also seven out of ten Las Vegans are so sedentary doctors say they're putting their health at risk.

Good news/bad news? Shreveport Bossier didn't make the top ten fattest or fittest list. Who's fatter than SB? San Antonio (2), Houston (6), Dallas (7), El Paso (8), Arlington (14), and Fort Worth (17). Austin is number 21 on the fittest list.

Fat/fit odd facts: Memphis is the city that watches the most TV and Oakland has the best eating habits.

About the video: Thank you to "me & jason" for sharing the footage of your trip to Shreveport.

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