Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We Not Telling Ya Who to Voteeee For

I Shot 100 Snippets of VO on the Tour
A couple of weeks ago the editor of this blog site won a camera from KTBS. Now she has a chance to win an HDTV. But. It's not about the telllllllyyy. It's about the little gal (or guy) re-claiming the world.

It's about moving this blog into docublogging. It's about being able to take the next step to show that Shreveport truly is the ..."Austin for the rest of us..." or "Affordable Austin..."

Really. Okay... it is about the winning. Go here. Vote for the Biking to Highland Community Garden video. The editor of RRBJ also shot the DDA Home Tour video but she didn't edit it so she feels the Biking tour... best represents her current work. Thank you. And if you have any events or concerns that you think need to be docublogged please send us an email.


ACCT said...

your video is totally the best possible one to vote for.

Kathryn Usher said...

acct - thank you for your vote and kind words. We didn't win but that's not gonna stop us from moving forward with the docublogging of life on the Red River.