Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Are We There Yet?

ShreveportBossier Fun Guide will help you plan your summer entertainment . Have you seen this nifty site?

Our only complaint? There's not a section for gay and lesbian content like guides in other cities. See New Orleans and Philadelphia.


Schleuss said...

so happy to see some local blogging this week! dreadfully quite!

also, what would go in this gay and lesbian section? as far as shreveport is concerned, is there really all that much to do? (maybe i'm a bad gay man)

did you find anything about why there isn't a gay section?

Kathryn Usher said...

The leader of the SB Land blog pack, Robert Trudeau, had heart surgery yesterday. Everything went well and he's recovering nicely but it looks like he'll be out of commission until early next week. If you'd like to help with content on his blog, put pictures on your flickr account and slug them with info. I'm trying to keep things going for him.

Gay and lesbian section? I don't know if those other sites list events specific to that population or events that are welcoming and inclusive. There's an in depth blog post waiting to happen.

My ghost hunting tours start this weekend. I had several groups of lovely gay men attend last year. From the stand point of a business owner, I remember reading somewhere that gay and lesbian couples have higher combined incomes and that, I would think, translates to more disposable income.

Schleuss said...

nicely said! well hopefully we can work on the sbfg.

also, it's good to know that robert's doing well!