Wednesday, May 14, 2008

W are Somebody

Shreveport W Shreveport, Again
Shreveport is all over the May 16 issue of Entertainment Weekly because of Oliver Stone's movie W. Alexandyr Kent has the front cover pictured on his blog.

If you want to work on W or any other movie in Louisiana, again you'll want to check out Kent's Louisiana Movies Blog. Louisiana still has the best incentive package to draw movie makers to our state.

Note: Reading all those Shreveports in EW made us feel like that scene with Steve Martin when he gets the new phone book. "We are somebody. We are somebody."


Anonymous said...

I am proud that they are filming a movie about the best President of the 21st Century in Shreveport.

Jay Carter said...

Hey Kathryn -- the major daily Austin paper just did a huge article about Shreveport stealing away all the movie bidness from Austin. Thought you'd like to see it:

Jay Carter said...

The paper's reporter also did this video:

Kathryn Usher said...

jcoltf -- it will be interesting to to follow the progress of W and the controversy that seems to already surround Stone's take on Bush.

Jay -- thanks for the heads up. I'm gonna have to blog about those.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should have said best President thus far