Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Leone's Shoe & Boot Repair

Jacklyn and Dick Whittington II Not Responsible Fancy Heels
RRBJ is willing to bet you've got at least a pair of shoes or a handbag stuck in the back of your closet because they need some type of repair. And you really don't want to part with them because if you're weird like we are some of your belongings feel just like pets and who'd toss one of those just cause they had a big hole in them (or something like that). Dig them out and fetch'em on down to Leone's on Line Avenue. It's been a Highland mainstay for years. Dick Whittington II has owned the store for almost 28 years. The item repaired the most at the store located on Line near Dalzell? "Shoe heels." said Whittington.

And you can feel green-smug in knowing it's better to repair something than throw into our landfill. Triple your earth friendly score by walking or biking them down there. Leone's Shoe and Boot Repair. 318 221-0723. 2412 Line Avenue.

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