Monday, March 3, 2008

Environmental Nuts

This Tree Will Soon Be Gone
Last week Trudeau reported that curbside recycling in SB Land is getting closer to reality. Also last week a two minute video about a green home in Shreveport popped up on the The Times website.

What's next in an eco-friendly SB Land? RRBJ would like to see the Red harvested of its kinetic hydropower. Sci-Port could get involved. Dig a tunnel to the river. Put a big glass window at the end and let the kiddos watch the underwater energy being created.


Schleuss said...

great post! what else is happening? well, i'm working on an episode on the curbside recycling program
centenary will hopefully see a solar future! see our post on kscl

Kathryn Usher said...

Cool solar panel post! We're spring cleaning at D Street right now listening to KSCL on our hi-fi. You guys rock!