Monday, February 18, 2008

Creative Class

Lee Eddy
One of the ways we amuse ourselves around the RRBJ offices is to click through sites like Gothamist and Austinist. We got all tingly when we stumbled across the above post featuring the picture of Lee Eddy.

Too bad this child had to leave Shreveport to pursue her dreams. We need our Lees to be able to live, work and play in SB Land. Perhaps it's time to start a telethon for the funds to maintain a thrive-a-licious creative class over here by da Red River.

Creative class is a term mentioned in Phillip A. Rozeman's letter published in The Shreveport Times. Here's the link to that letter. Don't know why we're putting it up. The Times will dead the link in a couple of weeks and you'll get an error message. Maybe the place to start with the creative class push is to get The Times to keep their links active.

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