Monday, July 16, 2007


Auguste LeBlanc and Katee Fontane
In his book Walter Benjamin at the Dairy Queen, Larry McMurtry ponders the state of storytelling. If you've been pondering the state of storytelling (and its cousin -- story listening) in SB Land, this last week of Harry Potter fun proves all is well.
Watching the young folks dress up Sara Corzine, Megan Foster and Katee Fontane at Tinseltown to see the latest Harry Potter movie has been heart warming. The future of the world is good!

Cosplay continues this week with the arrival of the last book in the series Friday at midnight. Even that old community story spinner, The Times, got in on the act with a contest. Barnes and Noble will host a magical party Friday night.


trudeau said...

Storytelling is everything, I've found out. Whether it's a song, painting, whatever.

Noma said...

Or a photograph -- like that one of your daughter and her friend. It's wonderful. Great job, KU.