Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Picture of the Day

The best housing bargains in SB Land are still found in the historic Highland neighborhood. Here's a sweet deal on a 4 bedroom 2.5 bath place for $139,000. For only $54,499 you can get a 2 bedroom 1 bath.

After all, if the neighborhood's good enough for Centenary College, doesn't that seal the deal?

Thank you Joseph M. Catanese at yahcatphotos' for the use of your eye catching photo of the pink house in Highland.


Kathryn Usher said...

Oops, that $54,000 house link is dead already. I figured it wouldn't take long to sell that. Here's the link I used to find houses for sale in Highland in case the other one goes dead, which it's bound to do since bargains abound in Highland -- www.coldwellbankerdowling.com/PropertyList.asp?A=1&Z=1

trudeau said...

Thanks for focusing on a smart bet neighborhood. Locals don't quite realize the potential, do we?