Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Picture of the Day

Think life in Big D must be more exciting than life in SB Land? Not hardly when you realize most Texans come to SB Land to play.

Plenty happening here this weekend and leave it to Trudeau to know all about it... Buddy Flett's part of the Thursday Night Trolley Tours.

On Friday there's three meaty choices... a new movie by local movie makers debuts at LSUS Theater... Author-artist Neil Johnson gives insight on his work at the Bossier Arts Council... and the current hot venue Big D's BBQ at the corner of Caddo and Common Streets will have live music by a band that was a part of the hotness that is SXSW.

About all the action being in SB Land -- Darrell Rebouche tells that story in the comments section of this post at his Daddy D's Story Time blog.

Thank you to Mike Henley at slivermeteors for the use of his Shreveport shot.

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