Saturday, December 30, 2006

Welcoming 07 to SB Land

SporTran Metro Loop Sign at Downtown Terminal
Happy New Year folks of Red Riverville! Remember, no bars in Bossier City will be open since the big party night falls on church night (raise your hand if you think this law will change in the near future).

Other ways to ring in 2007 : It's the 4th annual FIREWORKS SHOW at midnight at at Harrah's Louisiana Downs. Also at midnight there's a free fireworks display in Natchitoches .

If you opt to stay at home and wave your own sparklers in the air, you'll need to make sure your clock has the correct time. The folks at Countdown to New Year will make sure you get it right.


Kevan said...

Virginia is for lovers ...

Bossier is for retards. :)


Kathryn Usher said...

Also in the slowly progressing arena: If you wanted to drink in the New Year in Texas you had to stock up by 9 p.m. Saturday because state law prohibits liqour stores from opening on Sundays and New Year's Day. They're also closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

janedoughnut said...

Liquor laws are so bizarre at times. But we spent our New Year's in New Orleans where most of that seemed to be ignored. Now let's just hope I either quit smoking soon or find some East Texas restaurant that I can smoke cigarettes in.

BTW: Send me your email addy if you want to see the doughnutjane blog - I moved my fiction to janedoughnut.blogspot and made the personal one invite-only.