Saturday, December 2, 2006


Dogs on Leash

Dogs must be on leash but what about foxes? While walking the cockapoo in Betty Virginia Park on Friday night RRBJ discovered an urban fox edging through the trees that line the south side of the park. A pink jacketed jogger said foxes have also been spotted roaming the 40 acres at RW Norton Art Gallery.

Should you be scared if you run into a fox? Albert Hillel, an Englishman who's written a book based on 20 years of observing the urban fox says, "If the fox was a man, I think he would be the kind of man you would like your daughter to marry. He is clever, reliable, a good providers and he doesn't seek a fight."

Your best chance of spotting one of the pointy faced creatures? Late afternoon because foxes are primarily nocturnal. If you get a good picture of one, send it along to and we'll post it.


DoughnutJane said...

We used to have them in Bossier, too, in the field next to the Post Office on Barksdale. But that field is quickly being developed and I haven't seen a fox in a long time. I hope we don't run them all out of town. They're such beautiful creatures.

Noma said...

In London, they come out of the massive green spaces and parks the city is so smart to have, and go through urban trash bins at night. Not sure I'd want my imaginary daughter to marry one, though. Although they only do it because they've been suppressed by "the man."

Kathryn Usher said...

doughnutjane -- you don't have any pictures of them you wanna share with the class, do ya?

noma -- you must pick one or the other for your imaginary daughter to marry: a fox or a vegetarian zombie?