Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Uneeda Building Front?

It's nice when someone next door to you repairs or installs something that makes the neighborhood look better. The 700 block of Milam seems to be an area where everyone's sprucing up.

Major work is underway at the Uneeda Building. Wonder what's going in there?

Uneeda Building Uneeda Building

Lots of remodeling has already happened at 725 Milam. It now houses the West Edge Artists' Co-op. That building along with several others were given major overhauls by Bob Hamilton

The Downtown Development Authority says downtown is becoming a thriving center of commerce and a foremost destination for social and cultural gatherings.

(Is it just me or does WEACo have a much better website than the DDA? Okay, maybe it just has more eye appeal. Please DDA pretty-up your web neighborhood.)


DoughnutJane said...

Oh, the Uneeda building is beautiful - I can't wait to see what fills it.

Brian said...

Not only spruce up, but DDA also needs to update their website every now and then. It seems they never update it like they used to before the new head guy came onboard.

That building is gorgeous, I've always thought that. The West Edge is a thriving district these days, unlike the Red River District.

I know one of the movies filming here is using the West Edge as a Red Light District, so I wonder if the Uneeda Building is being remodeled for the movie, maybe?

Noma said...

Someone at WEACo told me that another gallery is going into Uneeda. I can't substantiate, but that's what I heard.