Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SB Land Ain't Got None

Louisiana Cultural Vistas Shreveport NO
is the number of times Shreveport is mentioned in the Winter 2008-09 issue of Louisiana Cultural Vistas (the magazine of the Louisiana Endowment of the Humanities). The publication focuses on the state's culture, arts and history.
How many times is New Orleans mentioned? By page two we'd counted 20. We didn't have the heart to wade through the remaining 94 pages. If you'd like you can go here and count for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Note: the 2008-2009 issue of LCV features Prospect 1, the first New Orleans Biennial. You only need to look back a single issue to find a 9 page article about Historic Shreveport.


Kathryn Usher said...

Anonymous - thank you for visiting. We're greedy and want more. We don't want to have to look back an issue. We are of the opinion that there's enough culture and art in SB Land to be in every issue of LCV.

For the record, we did a post back in October on the Eric Brock and Neil Johnson article. You'll find it here http://redriverblogjam.blogspot.com/2008/10/eric-brock-and-neil-johnson.html

Pan's Pantry said...

I think they have been reaching out more in recent years and I've enjoyed it. And they did make it as far north as Colfax this issue.

It's a big state. It's okay with me that they get around. And face it -- it's always going to be NOLA-centric. (I'm still trying to start a push toward moving New Orleans to where Alexandria is...)