Friday, December 12, 2008

Give the Gift of Local Art

Art-La-Tex Open Air Art Show Market December 08-2

Ralph and Alice started the market earlier this year. It was even featured on Trudeau's blog and can be found on the listed on the Shreveport Bossier Fun guide.

P.S. The sold out Christmas in the Sky is Saturday also. Many times art from local artists can be found there but that money goes to SRAC. The money you spend at the market goes directly to the artist.

P.P.S. Where would you be more likely to find the next Clementine Hunter, M.C. "Five Cent" Jones or Howard Finster? Downtown. Open air. Bring cash. Make deals. Go home happy and warm and fuzzy and do a winter dance around the cheerful glow of your newly acquired piece of art.

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