Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Two Years of Red River Blog Jam

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RRBJ's first post in 2006 was chock-full of photos of red things. So on the one year anniversary of publishing RRBJ we did red again. Therefore it follows we do red today. Next year we may do orange or rust or pink or celedon...stay tuned.

We don't seem to be getting out as many posts as we did when we first started but then we are also blogging at other places like Crazy in Shreveport. We started a new blog this year for our art House of Usher Art. Occasionally we help out Mr. Trudeau over at his web ranch. New this year we also started helping the fine folks at the Highland Restoration Association.

We also Twitter a bit but not much. Funny lately we seem to be drawn to pen and paper more and more. Who knows what the new year will bring? Whatever direction we go it will be all about documenting and sharing our passion about SB Land.

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Noma said...

You've done a great job. Carry on.