Friday, November 28, 2008

Critical Mass Bicycle Ride in Shreveport

Critical Mass
There is no phone number on the flyer. All it says is "A city-wide bicycle ride Saturday, November 29th 3:00 PM SHARP! Betty Virginia Park."

We are intrigued and wondering 1.)Are we in shape enough to ride city-wide? 2.)Goddess knows we need the exercise since the holiday eating has started. 3.)Do we bike to the park or drive the van with the bikes strapped to the back? 4.) If we participate will we have enough energy for Rockets Over the Red Saturday night?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps there's no number because if you organize an event at a city park you have to put up a MILLION DOLLAR INSURANCE POLICY. This is so cool and undergoundish. Power to the people rock on age of aquarius!

Pat Austin said...

Love the logo on the flyer!