Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Number 3

Whose House is in the Background?
Shreveport is number three in the nation when it comes to places in America to make independent films. Austin is number one says MovieMaker.

KTBS has this little blurb on it. We'd link to the Shreveport Times story but they always dead their links after a month or so... The best place to go for all your moviemaking Shreve news is Alexandyr Kent's blog.

Pictured is the Entertainment Weekly review of
Mad Money.


Voice of Schleuss said...

ugh. I really hate that the Shreveport Times does this. They also don't have any "share" buttons so we can put things on facebook, digg, etc.

Also of interesting note. Apparently Juno's Michael Cera was at one of Centenary's recent events. Must be because of The Year One

kscl blog

Kathryn Usher said...

Hey, college boy, I likey your new blog!