Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Vanishing Landscape

One of the best things about living in urban part of SB Land is the nearness of country. Dr. Patrick Colyer gave us a grand tour out at the Red River Research Station. Not many folks are growing cotton these days. Most are planting corn.

Charles Fontane Red River Research Station 2007 Cotton Crop Dr. Patrick D. Colyer Discusses Growing Cotton

P.S. RRBJ doesn't know why we haven't blogged in forever (we started this post on September 19 and it's already October so we figured we'd better finish it). It might be the recent on the job injury we suffered or it might be someone has stolen all our words or it might be the fact we can't stop taking photographs. Maybe we'll just post photos for the next few weeks and see if the words catch up to us.


Debbie Buchanan Engle said...


We like the pretty pictures!

Louisa Vendela said...

the landscape involved creating new settlements for farmers and their families and labourers needed to work the land. It also involved greatly enlarging and improving existing villages.