Sunday, October 28, 2007

Take Home a Piece of Original Louisiana

Back Yard of the Little Shanty Folk Art Gallery Laundry on the Line in the Backyard of the Little Shanty Folk Art Gallery The Little Shanty Folk Art Gallery Brochure One Line Avenue Near 70th Street is Where You'll Find the Gallery

If the next big idea for business is authenticity than The Little Shanty Folk Art Gallery on Line Avenue is SB Land's best example of this new way of entertaining customers.

The enterprise is owned and operated by Alania Osborne-Currie and her husband Robert Currie. For the story in The Times click here.

There are chickens in the backyard, laundry drying on the line and an outhouse. The whole enterprise challenges you to reconsider how you shop for art. One of the most interesting bodies of work for sale is by Louisiana artist Micheal A. Smith. He creates sculptures from toothpicks.

The Little Shanty Folk Art Gallery, 7102 Line Avenue, is open six days a week. 318 861-3308.

On a semi-related note: for more about an authentic sense of place listen to this Smart City show.


Kathy said...

I have been to many galleries across Louisiana; however, I must say the Little Shanty is one of the unique galleries, I've ever visited. The Art is awesome and the atmosphere is very relaxing. The selections of paintings was tremendous, from inspiring ballet portraits to funky jazz painitng. It was more than we expected and a place to purchase a great art gift. We are going back soon.

Mary said...

It's my gallery. The appeal of the art is ending. The atmosphere is inviting and the southern hospitality, well it just like going home. I love the decoy and the assortment of artworks. It is a plus to our city. I have a few folk art pieces and the shanty is my place. Thanks to the owners.

David said...

My wife and I visited the Little Shanty and were amazed and emotional. The country landscape and antiques bought back memories. However, the most striking were the paintings. The Shanty is a gallery for those of us who love art. The shanty breaks the mole when it comes to authenticity and hospitality. Rob is a down to earth guy as well. Great concept we are definitely going back.

delaine3lane said...

Thank You Alania and Robert,

This is the Hippest Scene on Line Ave. I am most proud of the fact that something old has so many new inspirations that bring so many new aspirations to life. I feel at home every time I come through the Lil' Shanty and know in my heart that Cedar Grove is very proud to have such a 'special addition' to this area.

Your Gee Fabulous Friend,

Kathryn Usher said...

Kathy -- That's awesome that Little Shanty can "compete" with galleries across Louisiana.

Mary -- We'll have to go back and look for your work. Can you describe it? Do you have a blog or website to let folks know more about your work?

David -- You're right about the emotional. My husband says he could live there. Which brings up an idea of -- how about a Little Shanty bed and breakfast?

Delaine3lane -- You are right about Cedar Grove being lucky. I'm so jealous. I wish the gallery was in my Highland neighborhood.

Paul said...

Ok, I was blown away. I've never been in a gallery like this one. The art was...well you must go there to believe the talent dispalyed in that gallery. The atmosphere takes you back. Like the old saying there is Gold in those mountains --there is gold in the Little Shanty. We will be back to buy more. Thanks you guys .

Rhonda said...

I've been to several grand openings, but this one was above the rest. The gallery gets better everytime we visit. The Currie's really have a great place. The gumbo was truly the best I've tasted...I think Ms. Currie mother was the cook. The whole event was really nice. Thank Little Shanty.

Clay said...

As a collector, I was astonished to see the quality, originality and subject matter. The paintings displayed in this gallery are unquestionably unique in the port city. Merging is the true value overtime. This gallery is a must see for collectors.