Tuesday, September 11, 2007

That Dog Do Walk

Connor and Biscuit Jordan

One of the best reasons to organize a dog park for pets and people is so we can all get more exercise. Newcomer Juliana Hoffpauir has already gathered close to 1000 signatures on a petition to open a dog park and started a blog about her efforts.

Madison, Wisconsin is the most walkable city in America and it has four off-leash areas. What size of a city is Madison? Madison has 223,389 folks and Shreveport has 200,199. But of course to get a complete look at the population in SB Land we have to add Bossier City and that brings our number to 256, 661.

Something RRBJ has found interesting since discovering Madison, it only has one community recreation center. Shreveport has 17 and Bossier City has two. The parks division of Madison also maintains over 260 parks, one public swimming pool, 10 beaches, 4 golf courses. In the winter, the staff maintains outdoor ice rinks and cross-country ski trails. It seems to be a community geared to moving and not sitting in a building. Perhaps building a dog park will dance SB Landers towards healthier lifestyles.


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Dogblogger said...

Thank you for the mention, Kathryn! If anyone is interested in viewing our power point presentation to the mayor (after you sign the petition), please let me know!