Thursday, August 9, 2007


Oscar Holloway
RRBJ had to fight our way through hordes of elementary and middle school boys (well, there were 3) to get a seat at Southfield Barbershop at 293 Southfield Rd but we made it and got a new haircut from owner/operator Kay. You gotta love a place that doesn't make its employees wear a uniform or a funky polyester smock.

Oscar is the man to see if you need your shoes shined. Where else can you get spiffed up at a "World Famous Shoe Shine Station?" While we were there one Barksdale Air Force pilot floated across the river to let Oscar work on his boots.

In a our continuing effort to keep corporate America from taking over the universe RRBJ says hurrah! every time you spend you money with a local operation. They can Keep Austin Weird we'll Keep Shreveport Wild!


trudeau said...

mandatory polyster smock indeed; great feature!

Kathryn Usher said...

Thank you.

I guess this is one of those documenting a person at their desk/workspace things I was hoping to do.