Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Picture of the Day

Alix B. took this picture while traveling through Shreveport. It even ended up on her blog. She's on a 9,000 mile trip, via scooter, for Peace. Learn more at

Thank you to fluidattitude for letting us use the photo Love Will Save Us.

In a funny little twist the art becomes art. The photo is a picture of a piece of public art by Shreveport artist Noma Fowler-Sandlin who many folks know as jam queen and owner of Pan's Pantry.

Noma sends this word out: The Shreveport Farmers' Market is closing until October 13, so be sure and come do your shopping and see me, of course, on Saturday, 25 August, from 7 to 11:30. It's at Festival Plaza in downtown Shreveport, where Commerce intersects Crockett. I'll miss it. Boo hoo. But since I'm getting ready for the Red River Revel, I'll need that day to cook jam. Love and thanks to all my customers, patrons and pals, Noma.

Buying and eating Pan's Pantry jams is just good karma and a way to Keep Shreveport Wild.


Dogblogger said...

Beautiful pic of the day.
Hey, can you shoot me an email? I can not seem to find yours and I have a ? for you!

Noma said...

Thanks, KU. I didn't know about that blog. I liked seeing my sign there, especially since they took it down this week. :-(