Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mini Grand Old Opry? Really now? Please!

Hank Williams Star

It was just a teeny note in Sunday's Shreveport Times. In the same section with the full color photo spread about Lorenzo Jones and his tasty turkey legs. On the back page in the Today's Calendar column there was a blurb about the chance to participate in an open mic "mini Grand Old Opry Stage."

At first glance RRBJ thought it was something to do with the Municipal Auditorium because the phrase Legacy of Stars Hall of Fame Theatre and Museum was used and the Municipal Auditorium has a Stage of Stars Museum.

We were all set to get on our high horse and rant: "T
o promote anything connected with the Louisiana Hayride as a "mini Grand Ole Opry" denigrates the important role our area had during a major transformation of American popular music. Tracy E. W. Laird covers this in her 2004 book Louisiana Hayride. Shreveport gave the world Hank Williams and Elvis. Both men were rejected by the Opry...yada, yada, yada..."

At second glance RRBJ noticed the web address for LSHFTM. Completely different venue. It's on Grimmett Drive and the Municipal is on Elvis Presley Avenue.

In an almost different note: LSHFTM's website says it's available for birthday parties, which reminds RRBJ that we discovered this weekend you can have your daughter's birthday at Guy's Beauty Academy. Makeovers and cake and ice cream! What better way to celebrate your 9th birthday or maybe even your 39th birthday.


Meru said...

Or you could have a swim birthday party at The Swim School!
We're booked until March though.

cuthulu said...

The name "Louisiana Hayride," last I heard, is really bound up in some heinous litigation. It may have been resolved, though. Shrug.

Kathryn Usher said...

meru - I really need to come by and take pictures of the swim school. I'd love to do a story for RRBJ on it and also run photos of the old Victory Natatorium in Shreveport back in the 20s.

cuthulu -- yet another story idea for RRBJ. "Just How Many People Own The Hayride Name?"