Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Shreveport = New York?

It's day one of filming in Shreveport for cast and crew of Blonde Ambition.

The script is set in New York. How do you make the City on the Red look like the Big Apple? See for yourself by clicking on slides 11 and 12 at StageWorks of Louisiana.

In what other ways do we resemble Gotham?

New York -- Alligators in the sewers.
Shreveport -- Alligators everywhere.

New York -- Subway Trains
Shreveport -- SporTran runs at night.

New York -- New York Philharmonic the oldest symphony orchestra in the United States
Shreveport -- Shreveport Symphony Orchestra Louisiana's oldest continually operating professional orchestra. Your next chance to hear SSO? They perform The Nutcracker with the Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet December 8. Then the following weekend it's their annual Holiday Pops concert.


Kevan said...

I'm sorry, but those photos look nothing like New York City. They look more like Paris, France! Remember "Picasso Trigger"? Shot here, and downtown was Paris. Horrible movie. Just like the ones being shot here now.

Kathryn Usher said...

Kevan, thank you for stopping posting. Where can I get "Picasso Trigger" so I can watch it, or rather fast forward it?

Kathryn Usher said...

make that stopping by and posting...

Anonymous said...

Kathryn, Picaso Trigger was a softcore porn film. No plot, but lots of naked women for no apparent reason.

Kevan said:

"Horrible movie. Just like the ones being shot here now."

Actually, Kevan, the movies currently being shot in Shreveport are mostly feature films made by the reputable company, Millennium Films.

Road House II was a horrible movie, but The Guardian was excellent. Premonition, The Cleaner, and others will be first-rate. Blonde Ambition, however, will be stupid. :)