Friday, November 24, 2006

Shopping Fog

For the first time ever RRBJ ventured out to join the masses on Black Friday. We were in search of a 4' pre-lit pink feather Christmas tree we'd spotted at Michael's.

Black Friday Fog Michaels

Perhaps it was the glob of fog clinging to everything like congealed turkey gravy that made the morning less crazed. At first it seemed as though we were the only ones at 6 a.m. driving on Youree but then we spotted row after row of cars filling the Target parking lot.

Didn't get out today? You have 31 shopping days this year since Thanksgiving came early.

We didn't get the tree. Instead we settled for a 4' pre-lit silver foil tree purchased at Big!Lots. That plus some shaving cream brought our total to $20.40.

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