Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Remembering Maggie

Tributes to 16 year old Maggie Lear Margaret Bauman Lear otherwise known as Maggie Lear Maggie Lear's Monument in the Greenwood Cemetery in Shreveport
Just east of the main gate of the Greenwood Cemetery in Shreveport is the grave of Maggie Lear. And 100 years after her murder, folks still visit her monument and leave tokens of love.

Shreveport historian Eric Brock wrote about Maggie's death in a February 9, 2005 article in The Forum. Magaret Bauman Lear was just 16 when she was killed in 1906 by Charles Coleman. After her funeral the Shreveport Journal and the First National Bank began taking up a collection to purchase the very monument that stands over her grave today and is inscribed "A Tribute of Sympathy from the Citizens of Shreveport."

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