Tuesday, October 28, 2008

South Highlands Walk

Longleaf's a Road in the City October Falls to the Ground Scarlet Leaved Tree Wish I Knew Your Name Home of the Happy Dog Before Spiders Fall Out of Trees Waving Thin Crotchety Legs to Work Down Tire Swing Chains

Longleaf Forest Song

October falls to the ground
Red is a leaf is a dress
Flimsy. Cheap. Tight.
Wear ‘til someone tears it off
On Halloween costume backless
But tonight modest leather Birkenstocks

The forest primeval?
Longleaf’s a road in the city
Home of the happy dog
It is the click of the clip on leash

Scarlet leaved tree wish I knew your name
This far South most turn brown or not at all
Sun muscles out one blazing farewell
Time to circle back to the gold van
Before spiders fall out of trees
Waving thin crotchety legs
To work down tire swing chains

Kathryn Usher
October 28, 2008

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