Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Mayor Glover on ABC World News
SB Land didn't look good as the lead story on last night's ABC World News. The story focused on the anger of the Hurricane Gustav evacuees housed in state shelters in Shreveport.

Those shelters run by the state of Louisiana didn't have enough "wrap-around services." That's according to Sandy Davis, director of the Caddo-Bossier Office of Homeland Security. We saw him on KTBS speaking sometime during the storm. By the way, didn't KTBS have great coverage? They stayed with live and locally produced programming as the storm moved through our area.

SB Land fares better in this AP report and it even shows that the evacuees are grateful. Evacuee Charles Lucas seems to understand the situation. And even seems more level headed than a lot of folks leaving anonymous comments at local media sites.


kim wells said...

I was bummed by the commentary too. I don't know what people expect from evacuation centers. I went to a high school (our high school rival, in fact) back in the day and we slept on the floor & ate powdered eggs while our cat hid in our car. Yes, it should be as good as it can get but it's not the Ritz. Anyway.
The rest of this is a comment hijack, and I'm sorry about that...
We are buying a few homes in the Highland area and at least one was in awful condition and we're restoring it. I just spent all day wallpapering, we've found original cool pine walls and beautiful antique fixtures.... added lovely chandeliers. Anyway. We plan to rent the place out, (we live in S. Highlands ourselves) but were wondering about rumors of tax breaks & other things for people who fix up historic houses. It's a bungalow, Craftsman style house on Blvd. St. Do you know of websites where I can find info? I've looked at the restoration society and others, but just am still confused from a very practical standpoint. We would do it (and are doing it) out of sheer joy for fixing up such a cool place but would love to defer a little cost. Anyways. Sorry for the long hijack. If you want specifics (address, etc) let me know on my comments & we can discuss more. You seem to know a lot about this and have a love of the area, which I'm growing. :) Thanks, Kim

Bloggy Todd said...

It was interesting to see news back peddle on this. After showing nothing but people bashing the city/state... then saying, oh wait... most of them were thankful.