Thursday, July 31, 2008

SB Land Rolls

Paul Phones it in Still on the Cell Home
More folks are biking in SB Land. Some wear helmets. Some don't. Some ride on the sidewalk. Some ride against the traffic. Some with. For the next couple of weeks RRBJ will document SB Land Rolls.

For a look at other discussions on two-wheeling in the city see Trudeau's blog, Alexandyr Kent's series on biking in The Shreveport Times, Sherri Talley's blog and what Prof Demerath has to say. You're welcome to add your bike and butt to the travelogue.

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Jay Carter said...

Hey Kathryn -- And speaking of a car-free lifestyle.... have you checked out

I'm jealous! I may live in Austin, but apparently, your walk score is much better than mine. My house in Austin ranked only a 46.