Monday, June 4, 2007

Shattering the Quiet of Highland...

The Colorful Over Flow Crowd Spilled Out the Front Door The Other Front Window of The Lotus Studio One of the Front Windows of the Lotus Studio Watching Trudeau's Video Documentary at the opening of the Lotus Studio Lotus Mosaic Being Created by Frances Fontaine

...with the bright musical sounds of belly dance coins and the beats of hand drums was the result of an the overflow crowd Saturday night at 444 Olive Street for the opening of Lotus Studio. Even a spring shower didn't stop the fun.

Classes start this week. It's just one door down from Lila's Cakes and Chocolate.

RRBJ note: This story was not reported in The Times, however John Andrew Prime produced a nicely written story on the quiet of another Highland boulevard being shattered in a different way. It's like local favorite musician Dan Garner keeps saying "We make art illegal and we'll get all the headlines we want..."

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