Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dixie on Holiday?

Alligator Mouth

There was a loud argument in the offices of RRBJ today. Half of us could swear Holiday in Dixie used to run the entire month of April, the other half said "no way! It was never that long!" What ever the case, HID starts tomorrow.

The festival was held in 1949 as a "Salute to the Southland." Today the ten day event celebrates the arrival of Spring and the Louisiana Purchase. Top picks for this weekend: the carnival at Festival Plaza, Barksdale Air Force Base Air Show, HID Classic Parade and the Miss HID Pageant.

For a daily sneak preview of the HID treasure hunt clues click here. This year's booty is $1,250.


JaneDoughnut said...

They don't exactly hire a poet laureate for these clues, do they? Ha! I'm just bitter because I can never find it. But the hunt itself is fun.

Kathryn Usher said...

It's on my list to do... win this damn prize (but move my bank account to AM South first 'cause then the real money kicks in).

Anonymous said...

I think it is by a public boat launch, but I always end up being way off.